About us

Carendrive d.o.o. was created as a response to the long waiting times in car wash queues and the decreasing free time of consumers, whose fast pace and numerous commitments allow them to carry out only the most urgent tasks. The company is engaged in the washing of vehicles in the field without water anywhere and at any time. It is an innovative way of washing vehicles, comparable to car washes, but without the use of water.

The team currently has 15 members.

The beginnings of Carendrive d.o.o. date back to 2020, and the predecessor PRALKO s.p. started operating on 6 April 2020 until 1 April 2021, when we restructured the company into a limited liability company. The PRALKO.COM website (https://www.pralko.com/) and the prototype PRALKO mobile app are still active.

Our vision is to introduce or enlighten more and more consumers to a new ecological way of washing cars. We are currently operating in Ljubljana and its surroundings, but in the future we intend to expand to other parts of Slovenia (Bled, Slovenian seaside and Maribor). Together with our business partners, we are entering the Croatian market next year and then other European countries through a franchise model.

Our service is particularly suited to urban areas, especially in cities where there is a lot of traffic and little room for manoeuvre. So consumers can wash their vehicle practically anywhere and do not waste valuable time (taking the vehicle to the car wash, waiting in queues, driving back), which is even more important in this period. In line with the emergence of the COVID 19 situation, our solution is appropriate as it allows for a completely contactless communication and business.

So get to know the new way of ecologically sound washing and GET THE BEST CARE FOR YOUR CAR.