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About Carendrive

Why choose a

  • Because you save from 80 to 250 liters per individual car wash. Approximately 1 dcl of water is used per vehicle.
  • Because the cleaner contains ingredients that fill small scratches, make a protection and so the body is like new. In the long term, car washes with brushes leave visible marks on the bodywork and damage it.
  • Because in addition to washing, it also polishes and provides protection. In traditional washing, it is usually necessary to wipe the car because the water leaves traces of limescale.
  • Because you save time, because you won't have to clean up after yourself or wait in lines. You can order a service anywhere.
  • Because we drive to you and clean the vehicle on the spot/location without moving car.
  • Because we offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will refund your money.
Why choose a

Clean car is a mirror of you

ECO friendly

In accordance with the requirements of EU directives (ISO standard)

Washing on request

We wash your car while you are at work, shop or lunch in approx. 25 minutes (external wash)

A shiny and a clean car

Long-term protection against dirt, pollen, smog and UV rays.

Saving valuable time

No waiting in car wash lines. Focus on other tasks, while your car is being washed.

Our services

A unique service, order or call, we will come to your vehicle and clean it with a new, innovative technique on the spot, wherever it is, while you perform another service, a cleaned vehicle will be waiting for you.

Using a special technique and nano technology, we wash and protect the vehicle (UV protection, fill micro scratches) and add a high lasting shine.

Exterior cleaning

We clean the body of a car, rims, windows and grease the tires.

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Interior and exterior cleaning

A combination of both cleanings, wherever you are.

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Deep interior cleaning

We come to pick up your vehicle and bring it back within 3-4 hours.

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Application Carendrive


Order easily and quickly - just by clicking on the application or filling out the form and your vehicle will be washed without taking it away or right on the spot, anywhere. Determine the location, choose the type of washing, set the washing time and wait for the answer of our washer.



minutes to wash the vehicle


vehicles washed monthly


minutes for external washing


team members


The nano-technology cleaner, with a special washing technique, ensures a completely safe removal of dirt and adds UV protection, dust protection and a longer lasting clean look. It also drains water immediately from the bodywork, thanks to the coating, and leaves no trace of limescale. The nano particles fill in the microcracks, so the vehicle is not only cleaned and waxed but also restored.

CareNDrive is special in that we drive up to the vehicle and "wash" it on the spot, both outside and inside. In practical terms, we can set it up in a way that's perfectly comparable to a car wash service, wherever you are.

If the sludge is dried, it can be cleaned easily and safely. If it is wet, it can be towed away and washed with water and then cleaned with our cleaner/technique.

Advance booking is required, at least on the same day, or by making an appointment with the individual laundryman. The average time for a full cleaning of the vehicle inside and outside is 60 min, for the exterior only approx. 25 min. Suitable if you are running errands (work, shop, fitness) and the vehicle is tidy when you return.

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